Hey my name’s Vitaliy and thanks for stopping by my about me page! I’m someone who knows quite a bit about emergency prepardness and provides info on beginner friendly ways to prepare for it. To give you some background on that:

I was born in the former Soviet Union and left to the states when I was 5. It’s not exactly a secret that the former country I came from had it’s share of problems, from inflation, food shortages and more but my family was very smart about knowing what to do ahead of time to hedge against these things, and they taught me all of this as I grew up.

Then growing up in NYC, while most of the time things were good, we did have our fair share of emergenices, from floods, to hurricanes, blackouts, etc…

And of course in the past few years, I don’t have to tell you about what went down worldwide that made a lot of people rethink their positions on emergency prepardness.

These types of life experiences taught me a few very important things:

  • In life these sorts of situations happen in one way shape or form.
  • There’s a stark difference between those who are prepared for these potential situations and those who are not and obviously it’s way better to be ready just in case.
  • And finally, being ready for such things doesn’t involve having to really do a lot. In fact most of the time, prepardness is something you only invest in initially, and then it’s there for many years and even decades so you can keep living your life knowing there is a hedge or some sort in case something ever happens.

That’s why I made this site, to share all of that with you. I do not consider myself a doom and gloom individual, nor a prepper. I’m just a regular person who shares regular/simple ways to prepare for the “what if something bad happens” type of scenarios (natural/artificial disasters). Thanks again for checking out this page and I hope this website’s content helps you!